Why Does Auto Glass Cost so Much?

We hear this all the time. "Guy down the street can repair for $X, why are you so much?&#34

It’s not that Auto One costs so much. The guy on the corner is likely “cutting every corner” to under-sell his competition. There’s more to windshield replacement than glass and glue. When you see an unbelievable price, there are three things you should ask yourself.

  1. Where did the glass come from? Is this a new piece of glass or one recycled from a damaged vehicle? Does it have all the same options as your original?
  2. Does the installer have the proper urethane to adhere the glass to my car?
  3. If an unqualified installer puts the glass in, will the structural integrity be returned to your vehicle?

There’s a reason that the price is unbelievably low. Shop around. Get the best price, but don’t compromise your safety by using a non-certified installer. Follow these steps to make an informed decision.

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