Time to Start Thinking about Remote Starters!

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We may be in the heat of summer, but the cooler fall temperatures will be here before you know it. Don’t wait until that first morning frost to get your vehicle ready for the colder months. Installing a remote starter will make sure that your car or truck is toasty warm all winter long!

There are many options in remote starters, from the most basic to the most advanced. When selecting which option is right for you, think about the types of functions you want. For example, would you like to be able to lock and unlock the doors remotely or pop the trunk, in addition to starting the vehicle? Would you like to control your vehicle on your smart phone? You should also consider the range, or distance, that the remote starter will need to cover.

Here is a breakdown of the options and some recommendations from Auto One in terms of our preferred products:

1-Way Remote Starters

A 1-Way remote is the most basic type of remote starter. The 1-Way means that you can communicate with your vehicle, but you do not receive any confirmation back from the vehicle. For example, if you start your car from inside an office building and you cannot physically see your car, you won’t know if it actually started until you get outside. 1-Way remotes are a great solution if you will mostly be starting the car from a short distance and maintaining visual contact. If not, you might want to look into a 2-Way remote starter.

Here are some of our favorite products for 1-Way remote starters:

2-Way Remote Starters

The 2-Way remote starter is more advanced than the 1-Way remote starter. The main difference is that when you start the car or perform any other function, such as locking the doors, you will get a signal back to your remote to indicate that the command has been received by your vehicle. The 2-Way remotes also tend to have a larger range, with some of them working from up to a mile away.

Here are a few of our favorite products for 2-Way remote starters:

SmartStart Remote Starters

SmartStart connects your remote start system with your smart phone, allowing you to control your vehicle from your phone. It has a virtually unlimited range. There is also an added GPS feature to help locate your car anywhere. Only certain remote starter models are compatible with SmartStart, so be sure to check the product specifications or ask your local Auto One experts.

SmartStart requires an annual subscription service. Basic service starts at $69.99 per year. The GPS service starts at $99.99 per year.

SmartStart for Bluetooth – No Monthly Service Fees!

Viper also offers a new service called SmartStart Bluetooth [Hyperlink to https://viper.com/smartstart/product/vsm50bt/viper-smartstart-bluetooth-module]. This can be added to many of their remote start systems. It allows you to start and control your car via Bluetooth, without a subscription service. It operates within a range of 100-150 feet.

Additional Features

As you design your remote start solution, you may want to think about adding some of these functions:

  • Trunk release to allow you to pop the trunk remotely. This comes included with some of the more advanced remote start systems.
  • A built-in security system to prevent theft. Both Python and Viper offer combined remote start and security systems. This is important to consider, especially if you have an older vehicle that does not have the modern security precautions that manufacturers are using today.
  • A GPS tracking system so you can monitor where your car is at all times. A great tool if you have a teen driver borrowing the vehicle, or if you’re that person who always loses your car in parking lots. This is an option that can be added onto the SmartStart remote starters.

Great Gift Idea

While you are considering options, remember that remote starters also make a great gift idea. Your teen driver will especially appreciate a remote starter in an older vehicle. Or perhaps you have relatives without an attached garage. A remote starter is the perfect solution. It may not be able to sweep the snow and ice off the car, but it can help to melt it, so it is easier to remove!

 Auto One Can Help!

The experts at Auto One can help you select the best remote starter for your vehicle. We carry a variety of different products, so check with your local Auto One shop to see what is available. Let us save you the hassle by doing the installation for you. Call or visit us today.

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