Rust – The Enemy Within

Rusty CarEvery car owner dreads rust eating away at the precious metal of their vehicle. Rust can appear on any unprotected part of your car, including, but not limited to, the hinges, engine, trunk, and window frames. Rust happens when a combination of air and water is allowed to sit on your vehicle for prolonged periods of time. Prevention of such an occurrence would mean removing air and water. Since that isn’t the easiest thing to do, especially for those of us without garages, Auto One has an answer.

Process of Rust Proofing

  • A thorough cleaning away of dirt and debris.
  • Spraying a sealant to keep harmful chemicals off.
  • Let dry; once it’s finished, the product prevents rust from forming.

Auto One has been providing rust proofing vehicles for over 30 years; corrosion protection was the first product Auto One provided to customers. The process we follow for rust-proofing is meticulous and thorough; we have only your best protection interests at heart.

So, want to prevent your car or truck from becoming that ol’ rust bucket you see driving down your street? Call Auto One and we’ll help keep that from happening with our rust protection.