We Love Our Pets But Not Their Hair

Our pets are part of our families. When we can, we’ll take them everywhere. However, all that pet hair in our cars, trucks and SUVs isn’t as wonderful as Fluffy the dog or Chloe the cat. There are several ways you can tackle the pet hair problem.

  1. Pet Barrier – Keep your pets protected in the back of the car with a pet barrier like the Midwest Mesh Pet Barrier. While not a 100% solution, a Pet Barrier should keep hair to the back of your vehicle.
  2. Digital Fit Floor Liners – If the hair is going to be in the car, make it easy to sweep away with digital fit floor liners like those from WeatherTech.
  3. Seat Covers – Easy to remove and wash, a seat cover can be a quick solution to pet hair in the truck.
  4. Wander Hammock – similar to standard seat covers, the Wander Hammock protects your interior while giving Chloe the cat a place to sleep.
  5. Carrying Case or Pet Tent – a carrying case or pet tent like those from PetEgo may be the safest way to transport your pet as it restricts their movements and keeps them from jumping in the front seat.

If you do take your pet on the road with you, remember not to leave them in the car. There is no errand that can be completed fast enough to avoid exposing your pet to extreme heat in a parked car.

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