5 Most Difficult Things to Clean Out of Your Car

car wash

We recently did a poll to see what are the most difficult things to get out of car upholstery. Here’s the list of from the auto detailing experts.

  1. Human Fluids
  2. Number 2
  3. Decomposed Fish
  4. Sour Milk
  5. Gas

Human Fluids

We’ve all seen the scene on TV of the mother rushing to the hospital about to have a baby. That happens in real life too, and Auto One has detailed the vehicles afterward.

Number 2

Dogs, pets, babies, small children… our vehicles transport a lot of different things, and periodically we can’t make it to the restroom or rest stop. Be sure to use a good organic chemical cleaner when trying to get number 2 out of your car, truck or SUV.


Any liquids that can generally seep into the carpet down to the jute (padding) makes for a very difficult cleaning job. Even when the professionals detail it, often the jute needs to be replaced to get the smell out.

Decomposed Fish

The story behind this one is an entire blog post by itself, but any oily, organic substance that can become trapped and decomposing in your car will likely need professional detailing to return the vehicle to a usable state.

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