A Note about Safety from the Windshield Replacement Trenches

Windshield Replacement

I was reading a letter to the editor the other day and a smile spread across my face as I thought “kid, did you just get off the bus?” I’m passionate about auto glass. I have been for 20 years.

When thinking about your windshield replacement, Safety should be your number one concern. Safety is something that good shops practice, but despite our best efforts, it still means very little to the consumer who thinks a windshield is a windshield.

Many people have been trying for many years through AGRSS and other ways to make Safety the first topic of discussion when it involves auto glass. So far, not many are listening.

When we start seeing licensing for installers being passed as a lawful requirement, then Safety will come to the forefront. Until then we will compete with the trunk slammers in our market who don’t put the safety of you and your children first. It’s very hard to sell safety over price, but you are important to us so we’ll keep trying.

Just thought I would send you a note from the trenches.

Dave Z

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