Why can’t I have 50% darkness tint on my windshield?

The first questions we hear when a customer enters the showroom looking for window tinting is “how dark can I go” and “can I do all the windows”?

Can I tint all my windows?

If you live in Michigan, no. According to Michigan Law MCL 257.709, you can only tint the back and side windows completely. The front windshield can have a tint strip applied across the top of the windshield only.

How dark can I go?

From MCL 257.709, Michigan “does prohibit applications with a solar reflectivity greater than 35%”. To see how dark tinting applications are, visit your local Auto One. Most stores have a sample glass with window tints applied to it.

Urban Myth: Doctor’s Letter

There is an urban myth that a doctor’s letter will give you permission to have darker windows. Although there is some truth to the myth (like all good stories), any doctor’s excuse would cover only the person specifically mentioned in the letter. Any other drivers could potentially receive a ticket.

If you have any additional window tinting questions, visit your local Auto One store. We can review MCL 257.709 together and make good choices about your window tinting options.

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