Replacing Your ADAS Windshield Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

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Replacing Your ADAS Windshield

You are driving down the highway on your way to work when suddenly a rock bounces off your windshield, seemingly out of nowhere. When you pull into the parking lot, you assess the damage and notice a large crack staring back at you. Life is busy, and replacing your windshield is just one more thing to add to your growing to do list.

If your vehicle has any advanced driver assistance systems, commonly known as ADAS, you may have heard about an additional service called calibration that is needed after a windshield is replaced. The calibration process ensures that the cameras, sensors and other ADAS equipment on your windshield are functioning properly.

Windshield technology has changed significantly over the past few years and many people are not aware of the need for calibration or how the process works. In this article, we will address three common myths about windshield calibration. Armed with the latest information, you can make an informed choice about when and where to get your ADAS windshield replaced.

Myth #1: Calibration Isn’t Really Necessary

We have all experienced that suspicious feeling after getting an oil change, when the technician comes out with a laundry list of things your vehicle needs, like a new air filter or a coolant system flush. While you may have some healthy skepticism about auto repairs in general, calibration is essential for your ADAS equipment to function properly.

Replacing a windshield can change the angle of the camera and sensors that are mounted there. A change in camera angle of just one degree can have a huge impact on the camera’s viewing area, which can affect how your vehicle’s ADAS features will work. Without proper calibration, the ADAS equipment may provide false readings, causing you to get into an accident.

Myth #2: Only a Dealer Can Perform ADAS Calibration

Many people believe that only an authorized dealer can perform calibration of ADAS equipment. That is because some independent glass shops do not have the training or tools to perform calibrations, so they end up referring customers back to the dealer. But it is not necessary to take your vehicle to a dealer for ADAS calibration. There are independent glass shops, like Auto One, who can perform the service.

Auto One has a tool called Opti-Aim that allows our technicians to perform calibrations onsite after replacing your windshield. Once connected to the vehicle, Opti-Aim™ begins the camera aiming process and then works with the vehicle’s computer to optimize camera alignment and restore it to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Myth #3: My Insurance Won’t Pay for ADAS Calibration

Filing a claim with an auto insurance company is never easy. When calibration was just introduced, there were many hoops to jump through – both for customers and repair shops. But it has gotten much easier in the past few years, as more and more vehicles now come standard with ADAS features. Most auto insurance companies do cover calibration, although it is always good to check your policy on the insurance company’s website or call them just to be sure.

Auto One will work directly with your insurance company to file all of the paperwork, so you don’t have to deal with the headaches or hassles. The Opti-Aim tool provides a written report of the calibration that Auto One will send to your insurance company. This proof of calibration is usually sufficient documentation for the insurance company to process the claim.

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Your ADAS windshield repair doesn’t have to be complicated. Trust the experts at Auto One to simplify the process and get you back on the road in no time. Call today or visit our website for a free online quote.