Back Pain Relief with Heated Seats

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heated seats for back relief

Oh, I’m so achy!

Back pain. Everyone is at risk. Simply getting older is the number one most common risk factor in having back pain. The older you get, the more common it is. Poor physical fitness and being overweight are also factors that cause back pain. But, you don’t always have control over having back pain. Your job could be the culprit! Lifting, pushing, pulling, and twisting are all easy ways to cause pain in your back.

Everyone has a story about what they did when they were younger to cause them back pain. When I was a teen I was going full throttle on a snowmobile, on Higgins Lake Road, not paying attention. I was following my brother. I finally looked ahead and saw he was stopped. In front of me. Perpendicular to me. In my teen mind, my only choice to not T-bone my brother was to turn right into the snow bank. I flew off of my sled. At the time my only concern was, “do you think dad will notice the deranged ski?”

Now I’m concerned about back pain. I have back pain and I drive a lot, I can’t stay home with a heating pad. So what do I do? I turn on my heated seats – even in the summer.

The technicians at Auto One can help you find the right heated seat for your vehicle. They can install heated seats into your car, truck, RV, motorcycle, boat, electric cart, farm tractor, industrial machinery, and even fork-lift. Heated seats are able to heat up within seconds – much sooner than your vehicle will be able to heat up in the winter.

One of your many choices at Auto One is Check Corporation seat heaters. They can be installed in almost any vehicle. Nobody will know that anything has changed in your vehicle – the seat heaters do not change the look of your seat, but they will enhance the feel and comfort. The experts at Auto One have the ability to fuse and safely wire the heater system into your vehicle’s electrical system. A separate lighted switch will be installed to turn on and off your personal heating system.

If you already have heated seats installed, but they aren’t working correctly, you can have an Auto One technician look at them for you. The technicians at Auto One are fully trained in both repairing and installing heated seats. They are an exceptional choice whether you need to repair or replace your vehicle’s heated seats.

Why stop at just a seat heater, though? At Auto One, you can also have a seat massager installed in your vehicle! By combining heat and massage, you are doing everything the doctor ordered, without staying in bed! The Check Corporation offers an amazing massaging seat heater. This package allows you to choose either high or low intensity and you can massage your lower back, upper back or both at the same time!

Whatever the cause of your back pain may be, now you have it. Don’t let it keep you at home. Let the experts at Auto One keep you on go! Stop by today to talk about your vehicle accessory needs.

By the way, my dad noticed the ski.

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