5 Ways a Folding Tonneau Cover Improves Your Truck


Folding Tonneau Covers

Bad weather, a trip to the grocery store, or a weekend helping friends move across town might get you thinking of covering up that truck bed with a tonneau cover. You love having the storage area that the truck bed provides, but there are a lot of annoying circumstances that leave you wishing you could safely cover it up when you need to.

With a folding tonneau cover, you will never kick yourself for forgetting a tarp and tie downs again. It’s easy to cover and uncover the bed as often as you need to. Plus, they make your truck look great.

What you can gain by getting a tri-folding or quad-folding bed cover:

  • Make Your Truck Look Cooler – Let’s face it, your truck looks naked with an open bed. A tonneau cover is one of the most popular aftermarket upgrades with truck owners who want a sleek look for their truck.
  • Improve Gas Mileage and Aerodynamics – A recent SEMA report indicated that installing a tonneau cover on your truck can reduce drag by more than 10%. Over the life of your tonneau cover that means you could save up to $1,000 on gas.
  • Keep Your Stuff Safe – Tonneau covers discourage theft because they keep your valuable items out of sight. Some covers even offer locks for an added level of security.
  • Prevent Damage to Valuables – When you live in Michigan, you have to worry about snow, salt and ice ruining what you have in the bed. A folding tonneau cover can protect the bed of your truck, and keep it freed up for hauling in the cold winter months. Plus, it protects the items you are hauling from conditions that could be damaging.
  • More Flexibility – If you need quick access to your truck bed on a daily basis or just occasional access, a folding tonneau cover allows you to get to your tools, toys and things without a lot of headaches. Plus, you can just uncover the part of the bed or the entire thing depending on your needs.

What’s the difference between a Tri-Folding and Quad-Folding Tonneau Cover?

A tri-fold bed cover provides slightly less open bed space for hauling tall things, depending on the type of folding system the cover uses. If you don’t use your bed much, or mainly need storage for things that are smaller, a tri-folding system might be perfect for your truck.

A quad-fold systems can offer 100% access to the bed. If you typically need access to your truck bed for taller things, a quad-folding system might be best for you. Some systems also allow you to open the cover from the front or the back. If you anticipate opening and closing the cover regularly a quad-folding tonneau cover system could be right for you.

Choosing Your Folding Tonneau Truck Bed Cover

  • ExtangExtang offers several different types of folding tonneau systems, including America’s most popular the Trifecta.
  • Fold-a-CoverFold-A-Cover’s patented locking mechanism makes their tonneau covers some of the safest on the market.
  • BakBAK Industries gives you complete access to your truck bed using a patented design for their folding tonneau cover systems.
  • Rugged LinerRugged Liner boasts a quick installation and removal for those who want the ability to quickly remove their bed cover.
  • LundLund produces tonneau covers that stand up to harsh elements and install easily.

Need Help?

Our Auto One experts can help you choose the right folding tonneau cover for your truck and lifestyle.

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