Oh No. I Left My Car Windows Open and It Rained!

Specialty Detailing and Reconditioning

It happens to all of us sooner or later. The sun is out in the morning so you leave your windows open to let the heat out of the car. In the afternoon a thunderstorm rolls through and soaks the interior of your car. Worse still, you are in an area with a major storm and your car suffers significant water damage.

Water Damage Repair Steps

  • If the water damage is significant and you have the right kind of insurance, call your insurance agent first. Verify your coverage and see if a professional can detail the vehicle for you. With significant flood damage, the key is to move quickly to get your vehicle to a professional detailer before mold and mildew have a chance to form.
  • If you are on your own, priority one is getting all the water out of your vehicle as quickly as possible. Depending on the amount of water, towels, buckets or a wet-vac can come in handy.
  • If your car was submerged under water, be sure to have a qualified technician review the mechanical aspects of your car, truck or SUV.
  • Once the majority of water has been removed, leave the windows open (unless it is threatening to rain again) to let the water evaporate and interior dry out.
  • The thing to watch (or smell) for is that mildew or mold doesn’t start to form on your interior seats and carpet. Depending on the water level, mildew under your truck seats could be a problem.
  • If needed, use a vinegar and water solution to attack the car interior mildew. You can also purchase specially formulated chemicals and your local auto parts store.

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