Benefits of Bluetooth Technology in your Car

Bluetooth is a wireless communications protocol that works best with devices that are within 30 feet of each other which makes it perfect for electronics in your car. One of the most popular uses is for hands free phone calling. However, manufacturers and engineers have integrated Bluetooth into a number of very interesting and useful electronics.

  1. Hands Free Phone Kits from companies like Got2B Wireless and Parrot
  2. Cobra Electronics Corporation’s CB radio uses Bluetooth to pair up to two phones to the CB radio for team drivers
  3. OnStar FMV enables voice commands using Bluetooth
  4. Sony’s MEX-BT4000P CD receiver with Bluetooth® technology empowers you to stream Pandora Internet audio from your smartphone to your stereo system using Bluetooth
  5. SuperChips Vivid Android based tablet engine tuner uses Bluetooth to sync with your truck

Bluetooth devices are everywhere and can bring convenience to your vehicle.

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