6 Must Have Mobile Office Devices

If your car, truck or SUV is your second home, there are at least six things that will make life on the road more comfortable and maybe increase your productivity too.

AleaLeather Leather Seats

  1. Jotto Desk makes a series of laptop, netbook and tablet mounts that can be installed in your car and provide quick access to your computing equipment from the driver’s seat.
  2. Got2BWireless’ Got2bVoice allows you to listen to SMS, email and Facebook posts plus you can respond to any incoming messages by speaking while driving.
  3. Cargo Carriers, cargo organizers and roof racks by companies like Rola will help keep your materials organized.
  4. Rostra Cruise Control – if you purchased a vehicle without cruise control and you put any amount of miles on each day, a cruise control is a wise investment. Used correctly, it could increase your miles per gallon and decrease the physical stresses of driving
  5. Leather seats or heated heats make sitting for long hours much easier. If you have to spend a lot of time in your vehicle, make it as comfortable as you can.
  6. WeatherTech floor mats will make clean-up of your vehicle after days on the road much easier.

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