The Detroit News Discusses Bill 306 and Why it Matters

The Detroit NewsToday the Detroit News reported on Bill 306 and goes into further details on why the bill is important to the windshield replacement and auto glass repair industry in Michigan, as well as businesses and consumers around the country.  The article, titled Glass Repair Firms Cry Foul, discusses concern over “a practice they say robs customers of choice and is forcing Michigan businesses to close.”

In the article, one quote stands out more than any other and that is by Shari Montgomery, owner of Pollack Glass Co. in Lansing and president of the Michigan Chapter of the Independent Glass Association.  Sherry stated “my competitor is answering my phone lines” which clearly shows there is valid concern over  current practices of auto glass providers like Safelite, who are mentioned specifically in the article by The Detroit News.

The 306 bill “seeks to preserve consumer choice and bring objectivity and transparency to the referral of glass claims,” said Troy Tuggle, chief of staff with Sen. Joe Hune, the bill’s sponsor.  We couldn’t agree more.

We encourage all of our current and future customers to educate themselves on the bill.

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