New 2018 Model Features that You Will Want for Your Vehicle

ADAS 1000 by Brandmotion

Evolving Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

High-end manufacturers like Lexus, Cadillac and BMW have announced a bunch of new features for the 2018 model year. And some of the mid-priced vehicle manufacturers are also getting in on the action, adding new technology to their tried and true brands.

Even if a brand new vehicle is out of your reach, you can still enjoy the latest technology by adding features to your existing vehicle on an aftermarket basis. Check out this list of cool new 2018 gadgets and let the experts at Auto One help you figure out how to upgrade your ride.

Evolving Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Cadillac is releasing its ‘Super Cruise’ advanced driver assistance system on the 2018 CT6 sedan. It incorporates features such as adaptive cruise control, blind spot detection, lane monitoring and forward auto-braking, along with a new self-steering function to allow for hands-free and foot-free driving on multi-lane highways.

Two other new vehicles, the redesigned Lexus LS sedan and Volvo XC60 crossover SUV, are offering an active steering function that can help the driver avoid hitting a pedestrian or even a large animal that crosses the driver’s path.

Many similar features are incorporated into the ADAS 1000 by Brandmotion, which can be installed on almost any vehicle.

Enhanced Audio and Video Systems

Manufacturers like Hyundai and Kia are promising improved sound quality for digital music by adding Harman’s new ‘Clari-Fi’ system to vehicles such as the 2018 Hyundai Elantra GT and Kia Stinger. This new sound system scans compressed audio files for lost music details and corrects waveform deficiencies to create clearer, crisper and more dynamic quality.

Lincoln is also offering an enhanced video feature. While many vehicles already offer built-in Wi-Fi hotspots for connecting portable devices to the internet, the redesigned 2018 Lincoln Navigator takes it a step further. It allows drivers to hook up a Slingbox streaming media device so that passengers can live-stream TV channels while on the road.

If you want to enhance your vehicle’s entertainment system, consider adding new stereo from Alpine, Pioneer or Sony. These systems offer state-of-the-art sound quality and are Bluetooth-enabled to maximize your musical selection through apps such as Pandora or Spotify.

You can also add a headrest DRD player from companies such as AudioVox, Phillips or Panasonic to provide hours of entertainment for your passengers.

Parking Aides

Parking can be challenging, especially in crowded cities. There are a variety of parking assistance systems available, including front and rear proximity alarms, backup cameras, and even self-parking systems. In 2018, BMW models will incorporate technology from the smartphone app company Parkmobile that helps drivers reserve and pay for parking in 250 cities across the U.S. and Canada through the vehicle’s information and entertainment system. Users can pre-select parking times with the ability to extend sessions remotely via the companion ParkNow app.

You can improve your parking experience by adding automatic parking assist by Bosch to your vehicle. It can automatically move your vehicle in and out of parking spaces.

Trust the Auto One Experts

You don’t need to buy a new vehicle to take advantage of the latest technology. Your local Auto One experts can help you upgrade your existing ride with the latest and greatest new products. To learn more, call or visit your local Auto One store today.


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