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OEM Replacement Rearview mirror with integrated GPS Navigation
In days past, the only thing a mirror was good for was perhaps to glimpse your reflection or to see something directly behind you. Now, though, with the way technology has leaped forward, mirrors are capable of so much more. One of the first leaps cars and trucks made with mirrors was with side mirrors. Instead of only being able to see what was directly behind you, now you could see what was alongside your vehicle as well. Auto One, and many other aftermarket parts manufacturers, have dared to take this a step further.

Your standard rear view mirror is designed for basically one obvious purpose: seeing what is behind you. With the advancements offered by Auto One’s product manufacturers, you can turn that purpose into safely backing up, being able to read a map at night on the side of the road when lost, talking on the phone, or dimming the brights shining in your eyes from behind. An OEM Replacement mirror, like the ones from Directus Navigation, will do all of this and more.

Perks of an Aftermarket Replacement Mirror

  • Auto Dimming
  • Built-in back up camera
  • Outside temperature display
  • Integrated GPS navigation
  • Bluetooth integration
  • Speakers

Why spend more time than you need to simply looking behind you or to the sides? With a mirror capable of so much more than this, you will be able to more efficiently commute to and from all of your life’s necessary destinations. Someday, perhaps, you’ll be able to see around your entire vehicle without much effort or craning of the neck.

Visit your local Auto One today to hear about great deals on Smart Mirrors from a variety of vendors.

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