Keep Your Family Safe With Gentex Automobile Cameras

We have all been there.  You’re in a hurry to leave the house to get to a meeting, work or dinner without the kids.  You put the car in reverse and then realize the kids are outside playing. Your heart stops and you quickly look to make sure no children, dogs, or bikes were in your path.

Every vehicle has “blind spots”.   Nobody wants to think of this but if your child and their friends are near the car, or the neighbors are walking past your driveway as you leave the house, this could be a serious situation.

This is when you realize that the rear view display camera your wife wanted might actually be a good idea.  Auto One can help you find the best read camera displays available.

Gentex Rear Camera Highlights

  • Displays the camera when the vehicle is shifted in “reverse” on your rear view mirror
  • As soon as you shift into any other gear the image disappears
  • No hassles just piece of mind and a safe family

Gentex accomplishes this with what they call “transflective” coating and lighting techniques, providing a bright, high-resolution color image.

Auto One is available for all of your car and truck accessories. We can answer questions or guide you towards the best product for your individual needs.  Visit one of our show rooms to research automobile cameras and check out the Gentex website for more information at

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