If I Tint My Car Windows Will I Get a Ticket?


Solar Gard Window Films

If you drive faster than the speed limit or talk on your cell phone in a car that has tinted windows, than yes, you could receive a ticket. Otherwise, no. Having tinted windows does not guarantee that you or the person driving your car, truck or SUV will receive a ticket.

Window Tinting laws vary by state so please check your local jurisdiction before having your windows tinted. In Michigan, you can apply window tinting to the back side windows and the back window. On the windshield, you can put up to a 4 inch stripe across the top of the windshield (in the same spot that some windshields are shaded when installed by the manufacturer.

We recommend staying below a solar reflectivity greater than 35%, but the darkness level is ultimately up to you. Thirty-five percent is the maximum allowed by law.

If you have other questions about window tinting, check out our Auto Window Tinting Buyer’s Guide or visit a local Auto One near you.