Four Auto Shows, Countless Vehicles

Are you in the market for a new car or truck? Your choices are vast, to say the least. The number of different styles of cars and trucks available today, including all makes and models, is nearly uncountable! So where do you start? How about starting at an auto show!

There are four major auto shows held in the United States each year: Detroit, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. The four major auto shows held outside of the United States are in: Tokyo, Frankfurt, Paris and Geneva.

Let’s take a quick ride around the four auto shows held in the United States this year, and take a glance at a standout vehicle from each show.

North American International Auto Show – Detroit

Everyone knows Detroit is the home of the auto industry; of course we are going to take a look at this show first! The North American International Auto Show is an important show for automakers from around the world. Detroit still stands as one of the world’s largest car markets.

The automotive industry is really powering back from the bleak state it was in, in 2008. For the last three years, sales have been increasing. Aided by lower gas prices, people are ready to go for a ride again and the auto industry has a vehicle fit for everyone. At the North American International Auto Show, the auto industry gathered to show off new trucks, performance cars and luxury vehicles.

We are going bold and tough again in Detroit – for those who are ready. The truck wars are back. It was the all-new Nissan Titan taking on the aluminum-bodied Ford F-150. Take your pick for the very best truck.

Los Angeles Auto Show

Living up to the image of California, the Los Angeles Auto Show is where you will find the next range-topping electric car and all of the most expensive luxury vehicles.

Have you set your budget for your new car yet? How does around $200,000 to start sound? If you’re still with me, then you need to know that Mercedes-Benz is bringing back the Maybach name. They revealed the 2016 Mercedes-Maybach S600. It’s based on the S-Class and has 8 inches more of luxury in length.

Chicago Auto Show

If you’re comparing auto shows by floor space, then the Chicago Auto Show has the other shows beat – it is the largest. Maybe that’s why it is a popular show for manufacturers to introduce their larger vehicles, such as SUVs, trucks and vans.

At the Chicago Auto Show, there was a large presence of crossover SUVs. Crossovers offer the all-wheel drive capability and utility of a truck with the comfort and convenience of their car-based platforms.

The crossover that took center stage was Honda’s 2016 Pilot. This vehicle has become very popular among fast-moving families. It offers the same level of utility and comfort in a sleeker build.

New York International Auto Show

The last big auto show of the season is the New York Auto Show. At this show, it was the 4-door sedans that stole the spotlight.

All eyes were looking at the all-new Cadillac CT6, a full-size sedan. This vehicle comes in either rear- or all-wheel drive. It is competing against the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 7 Series. The CT6 debuts a lightweight build and a family of twin-turbo V6 and V8 engines.

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