Rust Proofing, Lemonade Stands, and Car Washes


Protect Your Vehicle Against Rust

What is the oldest business around that is run solely by kids? Most would answer a lemonade stand or a car wash. Although convenient, the profits from a lemonade stand aren’t usually big enough. Kids today quickly move on to the old-fashion, hand-on-rag car wash; every American kid’s second job in life.

Before the lady down the street with a 12-year-old van brings her vehicle for detailing, there’s something you need to share with your young entrepreneur. Tell them about rust. The brown flakey stuff that won’t come off the van regardless of how hard they scrub. Also tell them, that there’s a way to avoid rust. Bring your vehicle to Auto One, Michigan’s rustproofing specialists!

Where does rust come from?

Rust. Nature’s deadly weapon yielded against everything metal. A young, car wash boy is no match for it. Rust is the common name for iron oxide, the result of iron, oxygen and moisture combining. Over time, rust weakens the metal shell and undercarriage of your car making it brittle and crumbly.

Why do I need rust proofing?

One of the ways to stop rust from forming on your vehicle is rustproofing. Basically, we seal the metal away from oxygen and moisture. Our experienced rustproofing technicians will thoroughly clean your vehicle removing any debris, dust and dirt. Once dried, we spray our rust prevention chemicals onto the vehicle sealing the metal away from moisture (the source of the rust).

Isn’t the manufacturer’s rustproofing enough?

Today’s cars, trucks and SUVs have better resistance to rust than ever before. However, we keep our vehicles for a long time. With a rustproofing from Auto One, it is suggested that you return each year and have a new layer of rust protection added to your vehicle. Without an Auto One rustproofing, every scrape on your vehicle becomes an opening for rust to start forming. The longer you keep the vehicle, the more scrapes and chips to the manufacturer’s rust prevention. If you live in a cold weather state with gravel roads, the need for rust proofing increases.

Can’t I rustproof my own car?

There are products on the market that will provide rustproofing protection. Before you use them, the question to ask is “will you get to every nook and cranny in the undercarriage”? At Auto One, we have car lifts and professional detailing equipment. Our technicians can stand under your vehicle to use our professional detailing equipment to clean away dirt. Rather than crawling under the car, we are applying the rustproofing with the car above us with easy access to the places that need rustproofing the most.

Michigan’s best rust proofing

The first product offered by an Auto One store is rustproofing. We’ve been protecting Michigan and Indiana vehicles for more than thirty years. With yearly maintenance, our corrosion inhibitor and undercoating are warranted against rust forming on your vehicle.
You can trust your truck to Auto One.

Protect your vehicle before rust takes a hold of it. Take your vehicle to Auto One Glass and Accessories for rust proofing. Then, support the kids who live down the block by visiting their lemonade stand and car wash.


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