Car of the Future

One of the must-see cars at the 2015 Detroit North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) was the Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion autonomous concept vehicle. Beyond its future craft style, the F 015 was designed to “become a mobile living space”. Among the many features found in the F 015 are:

  • Walnut wood floor
  • Leather seats
  • Lounge-style rotating seats
  • Six, high resolution touch screens
  • Rear-bumper LED display
  • Acoustic instructions
  • Electric hybrid system
  • Autonomous driving
  • Greenhouse style windshield and sunroof

Our challenge to the Auto One team “how many F 015 features could we add to a vehicle today?” If you wanted to upgrade to the F 015 experience, here’s the list of aftermarket add-ons you need to transform your car, truck or SUV.

Walnut Wood floor

Our team was stumped on this feature so we looked at alternatives. The team found several wood trim kits for door side panels and dashboard.

Leather Seats

Auto One has been installing leather seats for years. Our grade “A” Italian automotive leather has industry-leading workmanship with OEM quality fit.

Swivel Seats

A product like Valet® Signature Seating by Bruno Independent Living Aids would provide F 015 style swivel seating for your vehicle. The Valet comes in four different models. Another option would be the Turnin by Autoadapt.

Touch Screens

Touch screens in your car are available today. In-dash receivers like Pioneer’s AVIC-5000NEX would provide you with touch screen navigation. For those that want touch screen without the hassle of in-dash receivers, look to Mito Corporation and their interior mirror options. Mito’s mirrors have extensive capabilities including auto dimming, compass, temperature, HomeLink technology, rear camera display and OnStar connectivity.

Rear-bumper LED display

Our team scoured the Internet for a similar solution to the rear bumper LED display. We found stories about hackers self weaving nets of LED lights and little smiley faced signs to hang in the back window. This feature seems to be beyond our current technology. A close second option were extra LED add-ons by companies like LED Glow and Putco.

Acoustic instructions

Mobileye offers a Forward Collision Warning system with audio alerts. In addition to the audio prompts, Mobileye’s products can also provide active braking and visual notifications. Most of us have already experienced a speaking car — we call it a smartphone and the voice prompts provided by many Apple’s Siri, Google Now or Windows’ Cortana.

Electric Hybrid system

Auto One stores can’t help you with this feature, but with careful selection you can purchase an electric hybrid vehicle from a number of auto manufacturers.

Autonomous Driving

Although you couldn’t provide full autonomous driving with an add-on, you can enhance your driving experience with computer aids like Bosch Mobility Solutions Driver Assistance Systems or Rostra’s Obstacle Sensing System (ROSS).


Auto One installs many different styles of sunroofs including pop-up, spoiler and inbuilt options.

From our list of nine key future features, our team was able to implement seven of the nine. Inspired? Contact your local Auto One Glass & Accessories to discuss vehicle specific options.

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