My Car Window Won’t Go Up. Now What?

What do you do if your car window is down and won’t go back up? Hopefully, it isn’t raining, or you now have two problems. Before you do anything else, we suggest that you bring your vehicle to an AGRSS-registered auto glass shop with Independent Glass Association (IGA) certified auto glass technicians. This isn’t a car repair that you want to attempt on your own.

A car door and window have many parts and any one of them could be the source of the problem. Without the correct tools, it is difficult to diagnose, and, given all the parts in an auto door, even more difficult to repair.

There are several reasons why a car window could be stuck up, down or somewhere in the middle. It could be a mechanical bind. There could be an electrical fault in the car window switch. Maybe it’s the window regulator gone bad. If you still have old style wind-up windows, maybe a bushing as gone out. If you fix the wrong problem, you will have to start again.

Even the most skillful do-it-yourselfer is hard pressed to fix a malfunctioning electric car window. A car, truck or SUV door is just difficult to remove without breaking something essential. Too often, we see the results of someone who tried and failed to fix the broken car window. The car door panel is sitting in the back seat and needs to be replaced. Snapped connectors or lost parts can lead to additional charges from a local dealership or parts store in addition to the cost to repair the broken window.

If you find yourself with a broken car window, bring it to your local Auto One. We’ll give you a free estimate on the repair.