The Best Windshield Calibration Tools

Autel Maxisys Ms906 Pro If you have purchased a vehicle in the last five years, there’s a good chance you have driver’s assistance technology built into your car, truck or SUV.  Known in the auto glass industry as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems or ADAS, these sensors are there to help you drive better and safer.  One of the largest components in ADAS is the windshield. There is often a camera that looks through the windshield watching for the lines on the road, other vehicles around you, and any other obstacles you could run into.

When your windshield cracks on a vehicle with ADAS, the auto glass company that replaces it needs to have a tool to calibrate the camera.  Much like aligning your tires, ADAS calibration makes sure the camera is pointing in the right place.  When a windshield camera is correctly calibrated, the ADAS system senses the road measuring objects at the correct distance and location.

Auto One has been calibrating windshields since day one. Back in 2017, we were one of the few shops in the nation to have the original Pilkington Opti-aim, the only auto glass shop calibration system on the market. We performed all our windshield calibrations in-house, saving our customers a trip to the dealership to finalize the calibration and the windshield replacement.

Today, when you visit Auto One Glass & Accessories for your windshield replacement, you will find the latest calibration technology available.  Ask your certified windshield technician about it, and you will hear the brand names behind professional-grade, premiere-level tools like Autel’s MaxiSys MS906 Pro and Zenith 5 Opti-Aim™ (or Opti-aim Z5 for short).  The technicians at Auto One Garden City rave about their calibration unit. “We chose the Opti-aim Z5 tool and have had great success.”

Testing with the Best ADAS Calibration Tools

These tablet-based tools are used for dynamic pre-tests and post-tests. Some Auto One locations also have the complete frame system, an add-on unit for when full calibrations are needed to complete the auto glass replacement. Both systems (Autel and Opti-aim) plug into your vehicle and talk to the computer pulling all the vehicle-relevant information like VIN and installed-options.  During the pre-test, the ADAS scan also checks the status of any ADAS features. After the auto glass has been fixed, a post-scan checks those same ADAS features to verify they are working correctly.

At Auto One, upon request, we can send you a pdf of the scan report. Some insurance companies require the report. At Auto One, we have a no-hassle policy when it comes to insurance paperwork. When the testing report is needed, our insurance processing team will use this ADAS report as part of the claims process.

What does Calibration Mean to You?

When the ADAS post-test shows the windshield was replaced correctly, you can be confident that your driver’s assistance technology will perform as intended. The safety of our customers has always been our number one priority at Auto One stores and using the latest ADAS calibration technology helps us make that happen for you.

If you need your windshield replaced, trust your auto glass to your local Auto One. Get a free, no-obligation, windshield replacement estimate today. Save with our insurance discounts and budget-friendly cash pricing.

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