Four Key Benefits of Rust Proofing Your Vehicle

Rusted Car

Rustproofing Your Car

Your vehicle has survived another long winter, but after months of driving on salted roads and highways, it may need a little extra protection.

Vehicles are much more likely to rust in colder climates, such as the Midwest. Rust occurs when iron or its alloys, such as the steel in your car, truck or SUV, begin to corrode. The surface of a piece of iron will start to corrode first in the presence of oxygen and water. Given enough time, any piece of iron will change entirely into rust and disintegrate.

One way to stop rust from forming on your vehicle is rustproofing, in which a chemical is applied to your vehicle to seal the metal away from oxygen and moisture. Here are four benefits of rustproofing that you should consider.

1. Higher Resale Value

If you are planning to sell your vehicle sometime down the road, rustproofing can help maximize its resale value. The price for similar vehicles can vary greatly in the resale market. One of the contributing factors to a vehicle having a higher resale value is the condition of the body. Rustproofing can have a significant impact on the condition of your vehicle’s body, especially as the vehicle gets older. It can help you get the maximum value when you sell or trade-in your vehicle.

2. Decreased Repair Costs

Repairing rust damage is expensive. In addition to body damage, rust can get into the electrical and other mechanical systems in your vehicle, which could lead to expensive repairs. A small investment in an annual rustproofing treatment pays for itself by preventing or reducing the amount of rust damage on your vehicle over its lifespan.

3. A Safer, Better Looking Vehicle

Over time, rust can weaken important structural elements, compromising your vehicle’s structural integrity and therefore its safety. Rustproofing treatments can reach important structural areas like frame rails, door pillars, and the thousands of spot welds that hold your vehicle together. This thorough application process is necessary to protect your vehicle’s safety. And rustproofing can help your vehicle look like new for longer, by preventing unsightly rust from forming on your vehicle’s body.

4. Longer Vehicle Life

By preventing rust from forming, you can extend the life of your vehicle. By keeping your vehicle in excellent working condition for a longer period of time, you will save on the costs of replacing your vehicle. In the long run, this will leave you more money for other priorities, like vacations, college tuition, a better retirement plan, and many other opportunities.

Rust Proofing at Auto One

Auto One has been providing rust protection for over 30 years. Our rustproofing service gives you the best corrosion inhibitor available. Our detailing department completely cleans away any dirt and debris from your vehicle. Then, our technicians spray a chemical product onto the under carriage sealing the metal and blocking oxygen, water, salt and other harmful elements from touching the metal surfaces. Best of all, our rust proofing protection is clear and will not affect the appearance of your vehicle.

Protect your vehicle from rust and the damage it can cause. A small investment today can pay off in the long run. For extra peace of mind, wash your car regularly – especially in the winter after you’ve been driving on salted roads.

Call or visit your local Auto One shop today and ask about our rustproofing service.


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