Do You Need Paint Protection Film?

With the cost of automobiles and trucks at an all time high, it will cost you more to buy a new or used car. Over the years we’ve noticed that our customers are keeping their vehicles on the road for more years. We’ve even seen used-car sales data that suggests vehicles are being passed from owner to owner with more miles on them than ever before. All of these trends present you with a difficult problem: how can you make sure your vehicle investment lasts as long as possible?

Auto One stores have always been known for our vehicle protection products like rust proofing, sound proofing, and auto detailing. Auto One has a new protection product. It is called Paint Protection Film or PPF. Whether it is Michigan winter rocks and salt or Florida ocean salt, heat and humidity, the elements will eventually wear down your favorite car or truck. PPF is your newest tool to keep your ride looking good for many years.

ASWF Paint Protection Film AppliedASWF Paint Protection Film Applied

About PPF

PPF is a cutting-edge film that provides a transparent gloss finish that’s hydrophobic, self-healing, and stain resistant. PPF is an excellent barrier against dirt, sand, oil, stains, rocks, debris, swirl marks, scratches, bugs and more. It is applied much like a vinyl vehicle wrap. At Auto One, we cut our own PPF inhouse saving you valuable time and allowing us the maximum application flexibility.

Our preferred brand of PPF is ASWF Guardian Paint Protection Film. Guardian PPF is designed to protect your car against various elements and potential hazards commonly encountered during daily use, providing a superior level of vehicle protection.

Where can I get Paint Protection Film

Auto One West Palm Beach is an authorized American Standard Window Film’s (ASWF) Guardian Paint Protection Film installer.  Auto One Brighton is also offering PPF as part of their window tinting products. If you’d like more information about Paint Protection Film, please visit your local Auto One Glass & Accessories.