Best Automotive Products from CES 2023

The Consumer Technology Association advertises CES, formerly known as the ‘Consumer Electronics show’, as “the most influential tech event in the world — the proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators.” Each year we are excited to see what the 3,200 exhibitors are planning to bring to market in 2023.

The Next Step in Mobile Entertainment

Over the years we’ve watched in-vehicle entertainment change. In the beginning, it was DVD and Blu Ray players. Next it was the gaming consoles. Eventually, we were installing tablets for both movies and gaming. Could the Holoride VR headset be the next big thing in mobile entertainment?

“Holoride, based in Munich, Germany, wants to make car rides more fun and less dizzy. The company’s VR headset allows passengers to play video games, watch Netflix, or scroll through Instagram while they ride.

‘The car industry is super-focused on the driver but with more autonomous driving on the horizon, the passenger gets more into the focus as well,’ co-founder Daniel Profendiner said.
The retrofit pack, which includes the VR headset, holoride retrofit, a safety strap and a one-year subscription to holoride, is $799.” Learn more by visiting the Holoride website.

Mobile Phone Dash Mount

An honoree in the CES 2023 Innovation Awards, the Velox MagSafe Wireless Elite Dash and Windshield Mount is bringing high tech to the phone holder market.

From the CES website, “The iOttie Velox MagSafe Wireless Elite Dash and Windshield Mount is an MFi certified phone mount that combines 15W of wireless charging power with advanced cooling technology for a superior charging experience. Featuring a semiconductor CryoChip, magnesium heat sink, and polycarbonate fan, our CryoTech cooling system detects when your iPhone is connected and automatically turns on to draw heat away from your phone for a 25% faster charge.”

Velox Dash Mount Specs

  • Wireless fast charging up to 7.5W
  • Powerful magnetic hold
  • Adjustable streamlined telescopic arm
  • Superior suction strength
  • Durable aluminum housing with soft silicone face
  • USB-C charger included
  • Only compatible with the iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14 series

Check out the video on the iOttie website.

GPS 10 Inch Display

Tablets have become the go-to technology for enhancing audio and navigation in older vehicles. Garmin was a CES 2023 Innovation Awards nominee for its dēzl™ OTR1010. Designed specifically for trucking applications, the dēzl™ OTR1010 was picked because it is “Designed to simplify the over-the-road lifestyle for professional truck drivers, the dēzl OTR1010 trucking navigator is the largest in the OTR series. It features custom routing and warnings based on the size and weight of the rig (not available in all areas) as well as strategic suggestions for fueling and breaks, and leading-edge arrival planning.”

Our techs liked the large display. “The extra-large, 10-inch display offers a clear view and an easy-to-use experience that can be viewed in landscape or portrait mode to view the route ahead.” This GPS unit can also be paired with a headset for clearer audio in the truck. If you need this 10″ GPS Truck Navigator and a dash cam added to your truck, please visit your local Auto One to review all the options.

Driver’s Assistance Display

This last item moves us into science fiction technology. If you are thinking ‘tablets are nice but small for my dash’ consider the new Hyundai Mobis Swivel Display. This CES Innovation Awards honoree comes with 6K OLED panels. The movable curved screen measures 34 inches. From the press release, “At present, a 34 inch automotive display is recognized as the largest among automotive screens… the company designed this super-sized display as a multi-curved screen that bends at three points from top to bottom. This structure not only provides better visibility for the user but it also adds to the overall aesthetic effect in terms of design.”

With three bending points, the driver can bend the screen in their direction to focus on say GPS navigation while the rest of the screen shows infotainment data for the passenger. It’s designed as a touch screen and also recognizes gestures.

Did you have any favorites from CES? Visit your local Auto One and chat with the CSR’s about your favorites and wishlist. We’re still thinking about the robot dog from 2022 🙂