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Mobileye Driver's Assistance

Each year at the SEMA Show (the premier automotive specialty products trade event), our automotive electronics experts meet with innovative companies developing new auto accessories and electronics to upgrade our cars, trucks and SUVs. Everyday flying cars may not be in our immediate future, but there are many advanced auto electronics and after-market auto accessories that can be added to make your ride a little less horse-and-buggy and a little more rocket ship.

  • Mobileye Driving Assistance – A Mobileye driving system will help you stay in your lane and keep you alert. A single camera scans the road in front of you constantly measuring distance between objects (cars, motorcycles, traffic lines). When the Mobileye senses that you are too close or drifting, it can buzz, show you a visual indicator or notify your SmartPhone. Mobileye is already being installed in the 2013 Ford Explorer.
  • Lighting Assist – SmartBeamGentex Corporation’s SmartBeam technology will automatically dim your headlights when it’s camera sees oncoming traffic. Control of the SmartBeam technology happens through a Gentex Smart Mirror which gives you finger friendly access an arms length away.
  • Remote Start – One thousand feet away or around the world, a Remote Starter will turn on your vehicle with the click of a transmitter button. Depending on the unit and brand —Viper, Avital, Code Alarm, Audiovox, Directed Electronics, Python — your purchase, additional car control options like trunk pop can be added to your transmitter.
  • SmartStart – This may be the ultimate in Remote Start technology. A SmartStart system can become a remote control for you truck. Controlled by a SmartPhone, a SmartStart system will allow you to start your car on a schedule, verify if the vehicle is running, track your vehicle with GPS, help get you roadside assistance, find your car in a crowded parking lot and more.
  • Con-Verse Automotive Bluetooth Handsfree System – Rostra’s bluetooth handsfree system is designed to work with Siri, Apple’s voice application. With a Con-verse installed, you don’t need to pull your phone out of your purse or jacket pocket. Press the factory-styled Con-verse button on your dash and speak. The Rostra Con-verse will connect to your iPhone allowing you to listen to notifications, update Social Media like Facebook and interact with your iPhone while keeping both hands on the steering wheel. You can find similar units from brands like Parrot, Motorola, Blueant, and Got2BWireless.

All of these auto and truck electronics also make great holiday gifts. To learn more, visit your local Auto One Glass and Accessories or get a free auto accessories quote online.

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