You Bought Your Dream Truck Now You Need Some Toys!

Ranch CapsYou brought the new truck home.   It looks sweet, it shines, and man it looks good.  You’ve been enjoying it for a while now, but  you’re starting to think how cool it would look with a truck cap painted to match or a sleek fiberglass truck lid.  Truck “toys” are what we all love and trucks are what Ranch products are all about.

Whether you’ve decided to become an avid camper or you need to keep your stuff organized and out of site, there are a number of truck toys that can help make you look good and increase the functionality of your truck.  They can also create the ultimate work truck for you, carrying all of your equipment so the office can go everywhere you go.   Ranch and Auto One have the perfect truck caps and lids for any need.

Add On Toys for Your Truck

When you buy a Ranch truck cap, contractor cap or lid you can add many different options to your new purchase, such as:

  • Side Windoor
  • Tool Box
  • Fiberglass Side Contractor Door
  • Fiberglass Rear Door
  • ProRac Work Rack
  • ProRac Glider
  • Interior Headliner
  • Clothes Hanger
  • Battery Dome Light
  • Shrink Wrap
  • Keyless Entry
  • Drop Down Front Window
  • Security Box

For more information on Ranch truck covers visit your local Auto One representative or check them out at


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