The Price of Hands-free Device: $2,750 or $250

bWireless Bluetooth Device

If you are the driver of a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV for short), you have a choice to make.  You can either use your cellular phone in your rig and risk a fine of $2,750 or you can install a hands free bluetooth device that will allow you to use your cell phone without holding it.

Effective January 3, 2012, there’s a new federal law on the books that makes it illegal for CMV drivers to use a hand held cellular device while driving.  Don’t think the law applies to you, these types of vehicles are affected:  large trucks, tow-trucks, buses and hazardous material haulers. The law and some penalties also apply to employers of CMV drivers.

There are many options available to you and Auto One can install all of them for you.

Before you are part of a “a safety critical event”, contact an Auto One location near you and review your options with one of our 12-volt technicians.



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