Auto Glass Repair and Summer Hot Temperatures

The temperatures this week were 90 degrees with high humidity. Hot vehicles warmed by the sun can present unique summer challenges for auto glass repair and replacement.

If you have opened a door to a car parked outside on a sunny day, you know how hot it can get.  Inside the vehicle, the seats and steering wheel can be too hot to touch.  The blast of sun warmed air (sometimes as warm as 120 to 130 degrees) that welcomes you as you open the door is often enough to take you back a few steps. The outside of the vehicle is too hot to leave your hand on for any length of time.

When the temperatures outside get into the nineties, do you need to worry about your auto glass repair?  No, not when your windshield is fixed by a certified installer from Auto One.

Urethane Keeps It Together

Auto One’s auto glass installers have been trained to repair auto glass under many conditions including high summer temperatures.  Our urethane (the glue)

  • Is tested to the harshest conditions from OEM standards, including long-term environments such as weatherometer and outdoor exposure
  • Has enhanced chemical crosslinking to speed bonding
  • Is formulated for all standard glass replacements
  • Is non-conductive to preserve electronic signal reception in OEM antenna-encapsulated windshields and backlites
  • Absorbs and dissipates crash stresses better than conventional-cure adhesives

Specialized Mobile Auto Glass Repair

Our mobile auto glass vans are air conditioned and have a special rack to hold your new auto glass. We keep the glass pane out of the sun and temperature controlled. The special rack also minimizes the chance of scratching on route to your home or business for the replacement.  The cool air inside the auto glass van also has the added benefit of keeping the urethane and installer at optimum replacement temperatures. During the summer heat waves, our auto glass installers always keep themselves well-hydrated and focused on your auto glass repair.

Things You Could Do

Although these are not necessary, here are a few small things you could do make the auto glass repair smoother for your Auto One installer.

  1. If available, park in the shade. According to, temperatures in the shade can be up to 25 degrees cooler than air temperatures over uncovered blacktop.
  2. Leave your windows open a little to allow the stifling air out of your car, truck or SUV.
  3. If you have them, put up interior sun reflectors.

After the Auto Glass Repair

Wait 24 hours before doing any of these activities to give the urethane time to bond with the vehicle and auto glass.

  • No car washes
  • Leave the tape on
  • Gently close your car doors to minimize the air pressure caused by the door sealing shut

On Wednesday, much of Michigan was hit by severe thunderstorms. If your auto glass was damaged by debris from the 80 mile an hour winds, falling tree branches, or hail, please contact your local Auto One Glass & Accessories for a free estimate to replace your windshield, door glass, or back glass today.  We also offer free windshield replacement estimates online.