Amp up your Truck


Amp Research Accessories

Amp Research has come up with solutions to make your life a little easier. Their truck accessories make it easier to get into your vehicle and provide easy access to your truck bed. Amp Research is “Innovation In Motion.” Amp Research products are made in the USA.

The PowerStep™ is a retractable running board. It maintains the original appearance of your pick-up truck while providing you with the comfort of an exterior step. The PowerStep™ instantly extends when your truck door is opened and closes with the door.

The BedStep™ is a retractable bumper step that quickly flips down with the nudge of a foot. This handy accessory makes it easier loading and unloading your cargo, not to mention easier on your knees and back. The ridged, non-slip step provides safe footing even in mud, snow or ice.

The AMP Research BedStep2™ mounts just behind the cab providing a faster, easier and safer route to access toolboxes, equipment and cargo in the bed. With just the nudge of your foot, this truck step can flips down or retracts. The BedStep2™ is non-slip and big enough for two large boots.

BedXtender HD™
Increase your cargo capacity as much as two feet with the BedXtender HD™. Flip out with the tailgate open to extend the length of your cargo space or flip it inside to contain cargo in the truck bed. The BedXtender HD™ comes in three models including the classic U-shape design.

Auto One is your local source for truck accessories including products by Amp Research. Call today to amp up your truck.

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