6 Window Tinting Rules to Keep in Mind

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Window Tinting Rules

With today’s technology, our vehicles are really becoming an extension of our home or office. With a smart phone connected to your vehicle, you can get almost as much accomplished during your drive as you can at home or at your desk. Window tinting can add to this experience. Here are some things to keep in mind when considering tinted auto glass:

1. Laws Vary

Vehicle window tinting laws were created to curb illegal activity inside of vehicles and to keep everyone safe while driving. Too much tint on a window can impair the driver’s vision and lead to auto accidents. Unfortunately, each state can have a slightly or drastically different law. Make sure you know the laws about window tinting in the state where you live.

2. Medical Condition Exception

If you have a medical condition that limits the amount of exposure to the sun you can have, most states will make an exception for you to have an increased amount of tint. Some states will even allow your vehicle to have the exception if there is a habitual passenger with a qualified medical condition. In both cases, a letter from a state-certified physician or optometrist must be in the vehicle at all times.

3. Pull Over

Even if you have followed all of the laws, your vehicle can still get pulled over by the police. An officer can still pull you over to check the tint on your windows, or to see if you have a medical exemption letter.

4. Previously Owned Vehicles

If you purchase a previously owned vehicle and it has tinted windows, make sure it is in compliance with your state laws. You may need to remove or alter the window film to bring it into compliance.

5. Window Tinting Selection

Auto One has many different window tinting shades and colors that are made from premium grade, scratch resistant tinting film. Pick from a variety of shades (5%, 15%, 35%, 50%). Talk to your Auto One technician to find the best window tinting option for you.

6. Window Tinting Installation

Auto One has experienced professionals who can install your window tint of choice. Our window tinting is backed by a lifetime written film warranty on cracking, peeling and delaminating.

The experts at Auto One understand window tinting laws and safety. They will make sure it is installed correctly to keep you on the road. Get a free quote from Auto One today!

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