After-Market Myths: Did You Hear What I Heard?

Brown  car SUV sunroof, hatch close-up

After-Market Myths and Rumors “Did you hear what I heard? Janie got a sunroof installed in her car and it leaks all of the time! She should have just bought a car with a factory installed sunroof; then it wouldn’t have leaked! I’m never going to … [Read more...]

Rust Proofing, Lemonade Stands, and Car Washes


Protect Your Vehicle Against Rust What is the oldest business around that is run solely by kids? Most would answer a lemonade stand or a car wash. Although convenient, the profits from a lemonade stand aren’t usually big enough. Kids today quickly … [Read more...]

Four Auto Shows, Countless Vehicles


Countless Vehicles on Display Are you in the market for a new car or truck? Your choices are vast, to say the least. The number of different styles of cars and trucks available today, including all makes and models, is nearly uncountable! So … [Read more...]

Getting you to the Hidden Trails


Hit the Trails Michigan is one of the very best places to live – year-round. That’s not based on any scientific data, just my life. Michigan is a state that was created to be explored. Get on your bike and just start riding, in any … [Read more...]

Get to the Free, Outdoor, Four-Night-Long Show

Starry night

Outdoor Light Show A free show? A free show for your entire family and all of your friends? A free show with unlimited admissions? And it lasts all night, into the morning? Are you in? It’s a free light show, brought to you by the … [Read more...]

Drive to your Dream


Dream Cruise On the third Saturday in August, 16 miles of Woodward Avenue in Southeast Michigan will be flooded with classic cars. The Woodward Dream Cruise is a day designed for bottle-necking and rubber-necking. More than 1 million visitors … [Read more...]

Get on the Ball with your Hitch


Trailer Hitches How many people does it take to back into and hook up a trailer? Only one … if you already have a Back-up Camera from Auto One Glass and Accessories. Stop trying to wrangle friends and family to help you back up to your trailer, you … [Read more...]

Amp up your Truck


Amp Research Accessories Amp Research has come up with solutions to make your life a little easier. Their truck accessories make it easier to get into your vehicle and provide easy access to your truck bed. Amp Research is “Innovation In Motion.” … [Read more...]

Is Your Vehicle Ready for Summer?


Bike Racks and Cargo Carriers Summer is filled with sunny days and family vacations. Is your vehicle ready for Summertime fun? Whether you are taking a road trip, heading to the beach or staying close to home, here are some auto accessories to … [Read more...]

Let’s Go Camping!

Camper Trailer In Yellowstone

Let's Go Camping! Summer is just around the corner and we can’t wait to go camping with the family. Camping in the great outdoors is just a way of life in Michigan. Whether you are pitching a tent or hauling the camper, here are some auto … [Read more...]