Windshield Repair – Does Resin Color Really Matter?

The short answer is “not really”. The resin color should blend in with the windshield color or damage type to make it as inconspicuous as possible.

Windshield repair resin comes in a variety of colors. What’s really important is the durability of the resin and the training and experience of the technician. Is the repair going to last (because you don’t want to be repairing it again or replacing it in the near future)?

How can you tell if your auto glass repair shop is using a durable resin? Look for an AGRSS registered company or one that follows the ROLAGS recommendations for windshield repair. These glass shops are making a commitment to repairing the auto glass correctly by following the standards.

Keep in mind, the goal of repairing the auto glass is to return the structural integrity to the windshield glass. Sometimes, the stone chip doesn’t completely vanish, but the right resin—regardless of if it’s grey, blue, amber, or green—should keep you safer.

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