To Tint or Not to Tint, That Is the Question

Expressways were created to make life quicker, easier, more efficient, so hitting a traffic jam can be one of the most irritating things on the planet. More irritating, perhaps, is knowing everyone beside you can and will stare at you through your window. This is when the thought you’ve entertained at the back of your mind about window tinting comes trickling to the surface. Should I tint my windows? Is it illegal? Can I do it myself? What’s the cheapest way?

Common Misconceptions About Window Tinting

  • You Can Do it Yourself! – Not necessarily. Extremely steady hands, a bucket of patience, and a relatively dust free environment are what are required for tinting, so if you have that, give it a go. If not…consider a professional.
  • The Only Reason I Want This is to Keep My Car Cooler – Well, it keeps your car cool, but it also increases UV protection, which reduces fading of your car’s interior, as well as provides privacy and a sleek, sporty look for your vehicle.
  • Tinting is Illegal – No, actually it is not. Tinting itself is not illegal, just tinting certain windows.
  • Low Prices = Good Work – The price you see advertised may not be the price you pay.
  • A Warranty is Not Important – False. A reputable company will stand behind its product with a warranty. 

Tinting isn’t for everyone, but it definitely has a lot of benefits for you. Auto One has a variety of different shades and colors that are made from premium grade, scratch resistant tinting material.

Not only do we have experienced professionals who do the installing, but our window tinting is backed by a lifetime written film warranty on cracking, peeling, and delaminating.

Contact an Auto One location to learn your options for window tinting on your vehicle.