The Best of CES 2022 Automotive Aftermarket Add-ons

The Consumer Electronics Show, also known as CES, is a great place to see the future of automotive aftermarket technology. From the CES Website, “CES is the most influential tech event in the world — the proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators.” From future car concepts to next generation vehicles and technologies, CES has a history of debuting cutting edge technology

  • In 1981, the compact disc player
  • In 1996, digital versatile disk (DVD) technology
  • In 2014, 3D printers

Each of these technologies inspired our imaginations and found a place in our vehicles and in our homes. Which of 2022 CES products will make the jump to mainstream and become an essential part of your car or truck in the future?

Digital Displays

For several years, digital displays have been getting larger and smarter. Originally, we saw displays incorporated into the mirror. Then we saw the in-dash radio displays increase in size and scope. At CES 2022, the automotive innovators are hoping to take display technology to another level.

continental shytech display

Full-dash Display

According to the company website, “One of the largest trends in the vehicle interior has been the constant growth of display areas. However, these can be somewhat unappealing and overwhelming. Simplicity is the idea behind Continental ShyTech displays.” The ShyTech Display uses the mega-screen, cockpit aesthetic as part of their integration plan. The entire dashboard becomes one large display. The display’s software allows “Complex technology and user guidance [to] become invisible when not needed, enabling interaction only on-demand.” Continental plans to launch the ShyTech Display in 2023. Would you replace your standard pick-up truck dash with a ShyTech Display?

Windshield Head-Up Displays

Could this be the head-up display (HUD) that catches the attention of the automotive aftermarket industry? CY Vision debuted “at CES 2022 the company’s automotive 3D Augmented Reality Head-Up Displays (3D AR-HUD). The only augmented reality windshield technology on the market able to provide continuous depth and true 3D capability.” Orkun Oğuz, CEO of CY Vision says, “By creating a powerful next-generation windshield display technology for real-time view of the physical world where elements are enhanced by AR, CY Vision is positioned to enable compelling AR experiences for mobility and beyond.” The company also announced today that CY Vision and BMW engineers are working together on a new approach to AR technology. If you attended CES 2022, did you experience the CY Vision’s 3D AR-HUD? Will we be seeing it as an aftermarket add-on in the near future?

cyvision 3d ar hud

Drivers Assistance Products

At Auto One Glass & Accessories, we’ve been watching the growth in advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). Current technology can help with unexpected lane departure and back-up assistance. These CES Innovation Honorees are hoping to provide you with even more autonomous driving options.

Co-Pilot by Cerence Inc.

The Co-Pilot by Cerence, Inc., aims to bring the Internet of information into the reality of your car. From the product description, “leveraging in-vehicle sensors and passengers’ biometrics, the Cerence Co-Pilot monitors for and avoids dangerous situations, serves as an in-car tour guide, facilitates productivity and entertainment, and powers secure payment transactions.” It turns your entire vehicle into a SmartCar “integrating edge technologies with cloud services to make driving more intuitive, connected, and enjoyable.” It’s easy to see how a SmartCar could be a huge time saving asset. As you approach your home, the Co-Pilot could ask you if you want the lights turned on or the thermostat adjusted.

co-pilot cerence

Phoenix Perception Radar

Phoenix by Arbe “is the first radar to detect stationary objects — a notorious stumbling block for autonomous radars. With an Advanced Free Space mapping and object tracking in all corner cases, Phoenix closes the sensor gap to achieve truly safe autonomous driving and Vision Zero.” As a “perception radar”, the Phoenix could be a future addition to driver’s assistance products. The smarter and more advanced the radar systems become, the better they will be at helping us drive.

Magna ICON Digital Radar by Magna International

Another potential option for radar systems presented at CES 2022 is the Magna ICON Digital Radar. According to the description at CES, “scanning the environment around the vehicle in four dimensions with 16 times better resolution and 30 times better contrast than analog, ICON Radar can see a stalled car inside a dark tunnel and detect a child who is running into traffic from behind a truck that a human driver is likely to miss.” Magna expects to see its technology in the 2022 Fisker Ocean. If successful, will this be the radar technology of choice for future aftermarket accessories?

Air Cleaning Systems

In the era of covid, clean air is often on our minds. CabinAir Sweden AB has developed a solution for trapping and eliminating airborne pollutants. The CabinAir Connected Health Zone System for Vehicles is currently an integral part of “Volvo Cars’ Advanced Air Cleaner (AAC).” In the aftermarket, CabinAir’s product is called the Nordzone System. From CabinAir promotional materials, “Our two-step technology is based on the same Blueair technology proven in millions of homes, offices and public spaces around the world for more than 25 years. We reinvented it for drivers and passengers everywhere.”

Robot Cat

This one isn’t automotive, but it was so cute we had to include it in the list. Who can resist a robot cat? The Maicat by Macroact, Inc., “incorporates AI into Robotics, combining beneficial characteristics of a cute, engaging companion pet with the intelligence of AI, generating empathetic and personalized experiences for the user.” The robot cat can walk around your home. It’s equipped with “passive and active sensors” that allow it to navigate around your house. For those with cat allergies who have always wanted a cat, the Maicat might be the robot for you.

Once again CES 2022 didn’t disappoint us with the new technology and imaginative solutions to our everyday problems. We are looking forward to several of these technologies being developed into automotive aftermarket solutions and to installing them in your favorite car, truck or SUV.  See the full list of CES Innovation Award Honorees online.

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