Drive to your Dream

Dream Cruise On the third Saturday in August, 16 miles of Woodward Avenue in Southeast Michigan will be flooded with classic cars. The Woodward Dream Cruise is a day designed for bottle-necking and rubber-necking. More than 1 million visitors will … [Read more...]

Truck Accessory Overview: Rugged Liner Tonneau Covers

Michigan is blessed with many amazing manufacturing companies. Among them is Rugged Liner, a nationally recognized leader in the tonneau cover industry. Based in Owosso, Michigan, Rugged Liner is just miles away from Auto One's Flint location. Rugged … [Read more...]

Two Ways to Protect Your Truck Bed

Your pickup truck is vital to your work and life. Although you can't avoid all the dents and scratches, there are a number of ways you can minimize damage to your hard-working truck bed. Plastic Bed Liners A quick solution to the protection problem is … [Read more...]