Python Remote Starters

two-way python lcd 5706On cold winter Michigan mornings, it’s rare to find an individual that doesn’t mind the process of scraping off snow and ice from their frozen vehicle before slogging through a snowy, slippery commute.

With a remote starter, many breathe a sigh of relief at the small luxury of entering a preheated vehicle. In addition, the heat helps to melt away accumulated snow and ice, making the process of clearing your car much easier.

Now that technology has advanced to make remote starters even more secure and effective than before, there are many options to be aware of when you’re in the market for this convenient technology.

Why you’ll want the options available with a remote engine starter

In addition to the obvious convenience of having a warmed car ready to go during the cold winter, a remote starter can also be a great asset in the summertime.

You can preset the air-conditioned climate in your vehicle during hot summer days. Many remote starters also include the option to control the starter on your phone, making the process of using the remote starter all the easier.

Recommended features in a remote car starter

With a remote starter, you’ll want a decent range in order to be able to start your car from a longer distance. Think beyond the morning commute—you’ll be able to start up and warm your vehicle in packed parking lots and structures.

A number of other features can be programmed into your remote starter, beyond simply starting and warming up or adjusting your vehicle’s climate.

  • Power windows remotely: If you’ve forgotten to roll up your windows and a thunderstorm rolls in, you can close your windows without having to run outside and attempt to avoid getting soaked.
  • Trunk opener: Give yourself the convenience of opening your trunk from a distance with the touch of a button.

A remote starter also offers convenience in being able to control multiple vehicles. All Python alarm systems use Code Learning, which is a system used to control multiple vehicles.

Advanced Remote Starter Protection

Short circuit protection can ensure extra protection in case of theft or other circuitry damages.

Once upon a time, it was easy to steal a vehicle by damaging a taillight, short-circuiting the parking light bulb, and setting off the alarm system. In some cases, it was even possible to easily short circuit both the light bulb and alarm at the same time as a result of the alarm’s automatic flashing parking lights.

Now, technology has advanced to not only prevent theft, but can now ensure that short-circuiting does not happen, even during routine maintenance.

Advanced Integration Circuit Technology

This type of technology helps the other outputs in the security system to detect when any short circuiting occurs. When a short happens, the other components of the system will shut down to prevent further damage. In addition to providing extra protection against theft, this feature protects against any potential damage incurred while installing or servicing the vehicle and system.

Check out these remote starters—we’re fans!

If you’ll be using a remote primarily within a shorter distance, for example, up to a quarter-mile range, you might decide on a 1-way starter.

If you’re planning on regularly using your remote starter while in an office building or within a parking structure, for example, a two-way remote might be a good option since the range is farther.

Consider the Python 2-Way LED Remote Start System . With one 2-way remote starter with a range up to a one-mile range and a 1-way companion remote with a range up to 2,000 feet, you’ll be able to unlock your vehicle from a range of distances.

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Other Features

Unlock while running, horn honk, and SmartStart compatible features may require extra installation or costs. Another great feature is GPS compatibility, which allows you to know where your vehicle is at all times, a great feature for parents who are lending their vehicles out to their newly licensed teen drivers.

SmartStart compatibility allows you to control the features of your remote starter right from your smartphone. While this feature requires extra installation, you’ll be able to even program your SmartStart remote from the new Python SmartStart app, a simple tool to control all the features of your remote starter.

Other Remote Starter Options

Get an extra layer of protection with a Guaranteed Protection Plan (GPP). The GPP refunds your insurance deductible up to $2,500 in case of theft (if Python is installed in the vehicle). Even if your vehicle is not recovered, the GPP will provide you with a refund.

Get Started with Auto One

Auto One is here to help with your remote starter needs. We can provide you with a quote, as well as provide convenient installation at our facility. Get in touch today. With a variety of remote starters available, we can help you to choose the option that works for your automotive needs.

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