Prepare Your Vehicle for 2023

The new year is almost upon us.  It’s time to set New Year’s resolutions and put things in motion to make 2023 an easier year than 2022.  Here are four life-hack ideas from Auto One Glass & Accessories to enhance your favorite car, truck or SUV.

Remote Car Starter

The forecast for early January 2023 in Michigan is significant snow and bone-chilling temperatures. Don’t go another year without a remote car starter. No one likes to go outside when it’s negative 2 degrees Fahrenheit to scrape ice off their windshield. If you live in a warm weather state like Florida or Virginia, the super hot summer sun is just a few months away.  The sun shining into your truck will turn it into an oven.  If you had a remote car starter, you could cool the truck with a click.

Remote car starters come in a variety of sizes and capabilities from simple one button to two-way communicating LED.

If your mobile phone is the center of your universe, link it to your car, truck, or SUV with SmartStart.  Many of Auto One’s remote car starters are smartphone capable.  Rather than using a key fob to start your car, you’ll press a button on your iPhone or Android.  You can also control other functions of your car like door unlock with the SmartStart app.

Car Window Tinting

Beyond providing enhanced privacy for your ride, car window tinting is an effective means to reduce heat and glare from the sun.  Our auto window tinting  is made from premium grade, scratch-resistant, tinting film. Auto One’s window tinting is backed by a lifetime, written, film warranty on cracking, peeling, and delaminating.  Visit your local Auto One to determine how dark your window tinting can be or schedule your window tinting appointment online.

Automotive Detailing and WeatherTech Floor Mats

You’ve been tracking dirt into your vehicle for months.  The family pets have hair all over your seats and carpet.  Your kids have been dropping french fries and fast food bits since September. If you live in Michigan, it is near impossible to clean your car during the winter.  Unless you have a heated garage (like Auto One) the frozen food and coffee refuses to vacuum out until the temperature warms in the spring.  When the weather warms that left0ver food becomes a sticky, instant odor problem.

Start 2023 off with a clean car detailed by the professionals at Auto One. We have the tools and expertise to get the dirt and stains out.

New Floor Mats

Auto One carries the full line of WeatherTech products.  Everyone’s vehicle looks better with a new pair of WeatherTech laser cut floor mats.  Don’t chance ordering the wrong mats and dealing with sending them back.  Order your WeatherTech floor mats at Auto One.  We’ll pull your vehicle into the shop and install them while you wait.  WeatherTech is famous for keep your carpets cleaner.  Catch those spills, melted snow and dirt before it becomes embedded in your carpet.  Highly durable, the WeatherTech floor mats resist wear and will not curl, crack or harden.

Slider PowerstepStep Bars

Stop stretching to get into your pick-up truck.  There’s a better way.  Install step bars from Auto One.  We carry a complete catalog of side step solutions from oval step bars to electronic retractable power steps.  Need an easier way to step into your truck bed?  Auto One also has tailgate steps. We’ll make getting into and out-of your truck, van, or SUV easier for you and everyone that rides with you.  Review your step bar options online or visit your local Auto One.

A few aftermarket add-ons will make all the difference for you in 2023. Call Auto One to make an appointment today.

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