Don’t Forget the Windshield Wipers

It may not feel like it today, but warmer spring weather is making its way to Michigan. Imagine driving 1-75 north toward the bridge and looking around a windshield crack or chip the entire trip. Before your next traveling adventure, bring your cracked windshield to your local Auto One and have it replaced or repaired.  While Auto One is working on your car, ask them about new windshield wipers, floor mats and windshield protection.

Windshield Wipers

Everyone needs windshield wipers, and we all forget to buy wipers until it’s too late.  In addition to windshield repair, your local Auto One store also carries a full line of windshield wipers.  After your windshield replacement, the technician can replace your wipers too.  Wipers should generally be replaced every six months.  Auto One carries Anco brand windshield wipers. With Anco windshield wipers, you can expect the new wipers to be “consistently streak-free with superior blade-to-windshield contact”.

If your wipers are streaking or no longer clearing water off your windshield correctly, visit your local Auto One for new wipers or ask your mobile auto glass repair technician to bring a set to the appointment.

Floor Mats

After a long winter in Michigan, your car’s floor mats are likely full of dirt and salt. If your ride is still rocking its original set of floor mats or you are looking for an upgrade, consider WeatherTech floormats.  Depending on your truck, there are two options available for replacing your floor mats.

  • all-weather floor mats designed to fit in any vehicle
  • laser measured floorliners that are vehicle specific with a laser accurate fit

You’ll appreciate the quality found in WeatherTech laser measured floorliners or all-weather floor mats. According to the company website, WeatherTech’s “All-Weather Floor Mats are engineered to stay flexible in even the coldest of temperatures and feature a protective, non-stick finish to make cleanup quick and easy.”

If your car needs new floor mats, ask your mobile auto glass technician to bring new floor mats to the windshield installation.  After the windshield replacement, we’ll swap out your old mats for new weather-resistant WeatherTech mats.

Windshield Protection

Now that your windshield has been repaired, consider protecting it with a windshield treatment. Auto One’s windshield treatment forms a chemical bond with the new auto glass which increases water repellency, causing water to bead and easily shed off the glass.

Our windshield treatment is designed to

  • improve visibility during rain storms
  • cause rain to roll right off
  • reduce glare
  • protect against corrosion and mineral build-up

We recommend windshield treatment for all of our customers especially if you have younger or older drivers. The hydrophobic glass coating will help them drive safer during inclement weather or nighttime driving.

Auto Glass and Accessories

Our name says it all “glass and accessories”. Whether you are shopping in store or a mobile technician is visiting your location, there are many add-ons and upgrades available for your car, truck or SUV. Visit your local Auto One to see which options are available for you.

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