Saving Your Windshield What You Need to Know

Repairing and replacing auto glass is what Auto One is specialized in. Call us today, or visit a location near you. … [Read more...]

My Car Window Won’t Go Up. Now What?

What do you do if your car window is down and won't go back up? Hopefully, it isn't raining, or you now have two problems. Before you do anything else, we suggest that you bring your vehicle to an AGRSS-registered auto glass shop with Independent Glass … [Read more...]

If My Windshield is Cracked, Can I Get a Ticket?

Any obstruction to the driver's view is cause for a ticket. A large windshield crack would definitely block your view. Window tinting that is too dark and/or applied to drivers side windows or the windshield can also be cause for a ticket. In some … [Read more...]

Unbelievable Ways Windshields are Broken

At Auto One, we replace a lot of auto glass. Sometimes a stone is kicked up by another car breaking the windshield. Other times, it's dropped with precision by a local troublemaker. Although they sound like urban myths, all of these windshield replacement … [Read more...]

Why Does Auto Glass Cost so Much?

We hear this all the time. "Guy down the street can repair for $X, why are you so much?" It's not that Auto One costs so much. The guy on the corner is likely "cutting every corner" to under-sell his competition. There's more to windshield … [Read more...]

Windshield Repair – Does Resin Color Really Matter?

The short answer is "not really". The resin color should blend in with the windshield color or damage type to make it as inconspicuous as possible. Windshield repair resin comes in a variety of colors. What's really important is the durability of the … [Read more...]

Where Did that Windshield Crack Come From?

Yesterday, you drove home and your windshield was fine. This morning you went to start the car, and there's a crack in the windshield. Nope, it wasn't angry birds or the neighborhood hooligans. It was just natural science class stuff causing the glass to … [Read more...]