Remote Car Starters

Technology is cool and it seems it gets cooler every day. Technology advancements go farther than the desktop PC in your office.  They’re quickly becoming part of every part of our lives.  If you own an iPod or smart phone, Auto One and ScyTek will take that cutting edge technology you crave and bring it straight into your vehicle.

What can you do with ScyTek Electronics? You can control your car or truck with the touch of a button. The choices are endless or at least feel endless.

ScyTek’s Cool Features

  • Complete security and remote starter system
  • 2 way confirmation
  • ScyTek ElectronicsFast response time
  • Arm and disarm
  • Remote start on and off
  • Trunk release
  • GPS tracking
  • Alert notification
  • Speed alerts
  • Service reminder
  • Geo-fence violation
  • Time curfew violation
  • Points of interest
  • Emergency tracking
  • Multiple cars

The aftermarket auto industry is advancing all the time and the products available are changing at lightning speed.  ScyTek Electronics is just one of the uber cool manufacturers Auto One covers.  Stop by one of our locations and talk to the experts.  We’ll show you the latest and the greatest products and we’ll certainly find something you can’t live without.