How Rust Proofing Prevents Rust

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Classic Car Shows for September 2012

The 2012 Woodward Dream Cruise and Flint, Michigan, Back to the Bricks events were awesome. If you are already craving more classic cars, trucks and motorcycles, put these Michigan shows on your Google Calendar. 8/25/12 - Third Annual Antique Car, … [Read more...]

Pickup Truck Travel Rig for Lawn Tractor Pulls

Supporting every champion lawn tractor puller is a pickup truck and trailer to get them to the competition. Yes, we said "garden tractor pulling". If you've never heard of lawn tractor pulling, it's a sport anyone can enjoy watching and many can … [Read more...]

Cars Shows Around Michigan

August is a great month to be a fan of classic cars in Michigan. The Woodward Dream Cruise is August 18, 2012. Car enthusiasts from across the nation and the world visit Detroit to enjoy all things classic car and truck. If you can't make it to the … [Read more...]

Our Favorite Pickup Trucks!

What is the best pickup truck? Is it a Ford, GM, Chevy, or Toyota? Our installers work on a variety of pickup trucks, vans and SUVs every day. When we asked the crew, 'what are your favorite trucks', they gave us this list of top five trucks of all … [Read more...]

Nascar Week at Auto One

This week, Michigan International Speedway is the venue for the Quicken Loans 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.  Michigan International Speedway is in Auto One's backyard near the city of Brooklyn, Michigan in an area known as the scenic Irish Hills.  We have … [Read more...]

Car Enthusiasts Weekend

If you love cars (like we do), this weekend is packed with things for you to do. Each of these shows are happening Saturday, June 9, 2012. 13th Annual Festival of Corvettes held at Hank Graff Chevrolet, Davison, MI Michigan Widetrackers 24th Annual … [Read more...]

A Note about Safety from the Windshield Replacement Trenches

I was reading a letter to the editor the other day and a smile spread across my face as I thought "kid, did you just get off the bus?" I'm passionate about auto glass. I have been for 20 years. When thinking about your windshield replacement, Safety … [Read more...]

The Detroit News Discusses Bill 306 and Why it Matters

Today the Detroit News reported on Bill 306 and goes into further details on why the bill is important to the windshield replacement and auto glass repair industry in Michigan, as well as businesses and consumers around the country.  The article, ti … [Read more...]

Michigan Code of Conduct Bill 306 is Important to Small Businesses and Consumers

Michigan legislation is working to amend the Michigan Bill #306. How does this affect you? It puts into practice a code of conduct among auto glass repair and replacement providers. Most of the auto glass repair and replacement is paid for by auto … [Read more...]