Best Remote Starters for 2020

With temperatures still freezing, going outside to start your car in the morning with plenty of time to warm it up can be a very cold adventure. Luckily, remote car starters will start vehicle’s engine without even having to put on your coat. These remote starter systems are designed to work with all makes and models.

How do you choose the remote car starter that is right for you? We have simple one-button systems. We have interactive systems that communicate with your car and show you the results on the key fob. And on top of the convenience of remote-starting, many of the best remote car starter systems can also provide added security to help ward away car thieves.

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to the right remote starter for you. Here’s a rundown of our best remote car starters to buy in 2020.

One button remote car starter

If you are looking to carry a small and convenient remote, the One-Button Remote Starter with Locking from Avital is the best choice. The system comes with two, small, one-button remote controls.

Other highlights of this system include:

  • Great range
  • Unlock while running feature
avital one-button remote car starter
four-button python 4606

Four button remote car starter

Need a remote starter with more options in the palm of your hand? The Python five-button, one-way remote start system provides drivers with the control they need. Programmable channels allow you to choose what you need the remote system to do. It is also SmartStart compatible. With the SmartStart add-on, you can also access your starter from your smart phone.

Other features of this system include:

  • Add additional features like lock, unlock, trunk release, panic, or car finder
  • Up to a one-half mile range
  • Manual transmission compatible

Two-way LED

If you need a longer range, and the reassurance that your remote starter is working as planned, then you may want to consider the LED 2-Way Remote Start from Python. With this starter remote, an LED light illuminates to let you know that the command was received and your vehicle has started.

This system also has more advanced features than others, including:

  • Up to one-mile range using Digital Spread Spectrum Technology
  • Multi-car abilities, which means you can program one remote to work with two of your vehicles
  • SmartStart compatible
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Manual transmission compatible
two-way led python 4806
two-way python lcd 5706

Two-way LCD

For those interested in more security and a more interactive remote, a two-way LCD system is an excellent option. The remote has a screen to better help you understand the messages from your car, and whether or not it has started or locked.

Some of the features of this remote include:

  • Up to one-mile range
  • Revenger six-tone siren
  • Double guard shock sensor for security
  • SmartStart compatible
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Manual transmission compatible

SmartStart Add-on

Python SmartStart is an add-on for many compatible systems. This app allows you to use your smart phone to control your remote starter system. And you can program your entire family’s vehicles into the app, so you can use your system on whatever car you will be driving that day.

Some of the functions of SmartStart include:

  • Lock/unlock
  • Arm/Disarm
  • Remote Start
  • Trunk Release
  • Panic alarm button
  • Cloud connectivity
  • Vehicle finder

One of the benefits of the SmartStart GPS vehicle finder is the ability to locate your vehicle when it’s in a large parking lot! No more wandering the rows aimlessly after a sporting event. If you’ve frequently forgotten where you’ve parked after coming out of a movie, this app would be able to help find your car quickly.

When purchasing your remote starter system, ask whether or not it is SmartStart compatible. SmartStart requires a service program through Python.

smartstart python

Manufacturer Spotlight: Python

Python Remote Starters are produced by Directed Electronics, which has been in the industry since 1982. One of the top brands in the remote starter and vehicle security industry, Python has made a name for itself with its easy to understand systems and the latest technology to keep your car safe.

With a wide-variety of products from simple and straight forward starters to models with the multiple features that you need, Python offers remote starter systems that meet every consumers needs. Safety and convenience go hand in hand to give you the peace of mind you need to go about your day without worry.

And Python is backed by a nationwide support network, so you can get assistance no matter where you are. There are more than 6,000 retailers across the United States to provide support with your system. Are you ready to purchase your remote car starter? Visit your local Auto One Glass and Accessories to review models and options today.

Python remote start systems are available at most Auto One locations. Key fobs may be different than the artwork presented here and vary depending on the remote car starter model you purchase.