Best Auto Accessories from SEMA 2019

This year, SEMA’s many new features included teases of the Bronco, the latest Mustang model, innovations in battery-powered technology, and other new exciting products and innovations.

Electric drive technology continues to develop and become more robust, and SEMA didn’t shy away from acknowledging and featuring these changes. As automotive developers dive into the capabilities of battery technology, it’s certain that it will take awhile to see these types of inventive products retailed—but the possibilities are endless.

With new products like batteries with built-in capacity for jump-starting and Bluetooth enabled, being stranded waiting for a tow truck will be a thing of the past. For decking out your vehicle, audio manufacturers are turning to older vintage models for an even classier interface with more advanced technology.

While SEMA is just giving a taste of what’s to come, a slew of other featured products caught our eye at this year’s SEMA. Check out the accessories, electronics, hitch accessories, and more.

Auto Shocker

For especially pungent odors, like cigarette smells, mold, and pet odors, the Auto Shocker Odor Eliminator uses powerful chlorine dioxide to eliminate intense smells. If you’re not happy with this product, Auto Shocker guarantees your money back.

RBP Stealth PowerPower Side-step

RBP Stealth Power electric running board tucks your running boards safely away from the elements. The sturdy structure deploys to allow you to step into the vehicle’s cabin, then tucks back in when the door is shut. With the Extended Drop (New XD) model, an extra three inches can fit your lifted truck or SUV.

Swisstrax Modular Flooring

Go green, all the way down to your car mats. Made from 100 percent recycled material, Swisstrax Modular Flooring Anti-Fatigue Mat features fun tile stylings that don’t wear out. You can customize your own color edges, too.

Innovative BetterWeigh

The Innovative BetterWeigh™ towing scale from CURT, won the best new product award this year at SEMA 2019. This mobile towing scale is Bluetooth-enabled and smartphone compatible. The scale is used by plugging into your vehicle’s OBD-II diagnostic port, pairing with an Android or Apple phone. Then, vehicle, trailer, cargo, tongue, and pin weights are shown on your phone screen. The BetterWeigh™ mobile towing scale #51701 will launch in December 2019.

Weigh Safe True Tow Weight Distribution Hitch

Both tongue weight and distributed tongue weight can be measured with the Weigh Safe True Tow Weight Distribution Hitch. Weigh Safe says their hitches and systems provide true “Towing Peace of Mind” with just one hitch used for all towing systems.

The Daytona RadioDaytona Retro-radio

The Daytona, from Retro Manufacturing, replaces your factory radio with a Bluetooth and iPod/iPhone compatible, SiriusXM-ready, hands-free calling and wireless audio streaming model. As a fully-featured radio, the Daytona also has a 32,000 color display, which can even be customized to match the interior of your vehicle. External amplification is added with the RCA pre-outs plus subwoofer output, along with a 25-watt RMS four-channel amplifier. The Daytona also includes two USB inputs and two standard auxiliary outputs.

Curt Manufacturing Kayak Holder

A new easy-to-adjust kayak rack holder and versatile roof rack crossbars from Curt Manufacturing come from a line of high-quality hitch-mounted cargo carriers, bike racks, and much more. These kayak holders, PN 18320, have easy-to-adjust arms. The PN 18118 roof rack crossbars are largely universal and can fit just about any vehicle with roof rack side rails. Conveniently and easily transport your kayaks, paddle boards, and other roof rack items.

Once you’ve looked through our list of note-worthy auto accessories, visit your local Auto One Glass and Accessories to see which must-have items fit your vehicle.

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