3G Network Shutdown Affects Emergency Services on Millions of Vehicles

As wireless carriers shut down their 3G networks in early 2022, millions of cars are losing the ability to automatically contact first responders after a crash. Some vehicles can be upgraded, but others are losing their connections permanently.  If your car, truck or SUV has been affected, Auto One has options for you.

How do I know if my vehicle has lost it’s connection to first responders?

We’ve grouped the major automotive manufacturers into three groups to help answer if and how you’ll fix 3G connections in your car.  Please use the list as a quick start guide only.  If you haven’t received correspondence from your vehicle manufacturer, contact your local dealership to verify.

Manufacturers without 3G Network Problems

Ford, Mazda, and Mitsubishi aren’t affected by the 3G shutdown.

Automotive Manufacturers Providing 3G Upgrades

Owners of Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, Maserati, and Ram vehicles can contact the manufacturer for a monthly remote service costing around $30.  In some cases, there are software upgrades available that you’ll download like a phone update.  Some manufacturers need new 4G hardware to be added to the vehicle.

No Manufacturer Upgrades

Nissan, Infiniti, Toyota, and Lexus owners will need a third-party solution for automatic crash notification and first responder emergency services. Some Chrysler and Hyundai owners may also need an aftermarket solution.

Aftermarket Accessories to Automatically Contact First Responders After a Crash

If emergency crash notification is important to you, there are aftermarket auto electronics that can replace your old 3G network connection.  Which options will depend on what you are currently driving and what features you are looking to replace.

brandmotion mirror Convenience with an OnStar Connected Mirror

Brandmotion sells aftermarket LCD display mirrors with GM OnStar capabilities.  This add-on replaces your current mirror.  In addition to OnStar, if you have a backup camera installed (or want to install one), the mirror will display the backup camera on a large 4.3 embedded LCD screen.

Aftermarket Crash Emergency Add-on for Newer Vehicles

Verizon offers the Humx, a connected car system that plugs into the OBD-II port on your vehicle. There’s a $4 per month* subscription fee.  From the Hub website, “If Hum detects a crash, emergency help can be sent and communicate with you directly through the speaker.”  It also provides easily access 24/‍7 roadside and emergency support with the push of a button, in-car wi-fi hotspot, bluetooth speaker and numbershare.

gm guardian appMobile Crash Emergency App for Older and Leased Vehicles

If you are driving an older model truck or leasing a car where an aftermarket accessory can’t be installed, consider GM’s Guardian app. The Guardian app runs on your cell phone for a monthly fee of $15*.  It doesn’t require any additional hardware be installed in the vehicle.   From the Guardian app website “The app is designed to use smartphone sensors to detect crashes and alert Emergency-Certified Advisors.* They can call you and can contact First Responders, providing them with your location.”

Restore Your 3G Service Today

The 3G Network shutdown has been happening since the beginning of 2022.  If you need assistance right now to restore your automatic crash notification and first responder emergency services, visit your local Auto One Glass & Accessories.  Our aftermarket accessories experts will be happy to help you determine if your vehicle needs an aftermarket electronic replacement and which one is best for you.

*monthly subscriptions as of 3/24/22